Auction Hunters: Season 1, Episode 8: “Home on the Gun Range.”

The Haff-Ton team drove to Corona, CA. One small problem, Ton got lost on the way. With only one unit up for auction they arrived halfway through the end of the bids. With little time to profile the locker, the decision was easy. One unit. Long drive. They had to buy. Next time, maybe Ton should ask for directions.

Business-Equipment-Unit-AH-1-8Business Equipment Unit

Office equipment, swirl chairs, boxes, filing cabinets, old computers, and even a fake plant. Duo won the storage unit at $875.

The Haff-Ton team dug into a few of the boxes. Allen found old documents from the cold war. Reference to weapons, nuclear support, biological, chemical, and radiological defense. The contents disconcerted Allen.

Fact: Biological warfare is the deliberate spread of disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Tension replaced with excitement when Allen found avictorian-crossbow-AH-1-8 crossbow. It had staghorn inlay on the wood.

Fact: The most valuable staghorn comes from the antlers of Sambar male deer.

Haff-Ton team took the crossbow to get it appraised. They met with Joe, a crossbow expert, and he stated the bow dated back to the 16th century. Unfortunately, it was a Victorian era replica from around 1850. Estimated value between $1,500-$1,700. Duo sold the bow to Joe for $1,300.

Fact: The crossbow’s bloody reign began in 5th century China and peaked in the middle ages.

The Haff-Ton team also discovered a 10 gauge shotgun inside the unit. They took it to get appraised by weapons expert Blaze. He informed them it was a 1901 model. Originally designed for stagecoaches and law enforcement.

Fact: Men riding “shotgun” on Wild West stagecoaches carried 10 gauge shotguns.

For accurate appraisal the shotgun had to be tested to see if it would fire. Blaze warned that the shotgun packed quite a punch. Allen was up to the challenge.

AllenHaff-10-gauge-shotgun-AH-1-8Haff-Ton team negotiated with Blaze and agreed on $1,100 for the shotgun.

Fact: A ten gauge barrel fits a lead ball that weights 1/10th of a pound.

The last big ticket item they found an old arcade game called the kiss-o-meter-arcade-game-AH-1-8Kiss-O-Meter. Duo went to Jim, a vintage games expert, to get it appraised. Jim noticed it was in good condition, still with the original paint.

He explained it was a pre-war game. Significance was that most arcade games were destroyed before World War II. Jim valued it at $2,000, but was only willing to pay $700. Allen was firm at $1,300.

Fact: Many arcade game makers ceased production in 1942 to make weapons for WW2.

Ton came up with a solution. If Jim scored higher on the game he could buy it for $700. But if Allen scored higher, Jim would have to pay $1,000. Jim’s score was a passionate kisser. Allen scored naughty kisser. Guess who won?

Jim forked over $1,000.

Kissing, guns and crossbows. Ton decided they should end the day with a celebratory beer.

Auction Total:

Paid $875
Sold: $3,400
Profit: $2,425

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