allenhalff-shotSpikeTV’s reality series Auction Hunters: Pawn Shop Edition returns with all new episodes of the second half of Season 4 on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT.

Allen Haff and Ton Clinton are BACK!

Or are they?

Do you recall the last episode of the first half of Season 4 titled, The Fall Guys? Our Haff-Ton team attended an auction at Reseda, California and during the entire episode it was Allen that was on Ton’s back for one reason or another.

Then it happened; they both snapped:

Ton: Why are you all pissed off now?
Allen: You’re behaving like a pretty terrible partner. You know that?
Ton: Really?
Allen: Yeah; and becoming an increasingly lousy friend.

With that, Ton left the white bread truck with a SLAM! He walked away and Allen didn’t try to stop him. Ton returned to the Pawn Shop and took all the weapons and half the money in the cash register.

Fans want to know if they resolve their differences.

Yes and No.

A clip of the first episode to air in January titled, Back in the Hunt, it appears that Allen Haff and Ton Clinton are now


Allen: I thought you were done?! I thought you were out?!
Ton: It’s on!

Will they battle each other at auction?


What happens to the Pawn Shop?


Will Allen and Ton reunite as a team?

You’ll have to stay tuned and see.

What is crystal clear is that both reality stars, Allen Haff and Ton Clinton, will return to the show. Maybe that first episode not quite how we imaged.

Let us know what you think of this “rivalry” in the comment box below.