Woman sits on white sofa with black laptop on lapYour favorite show is on. Snacks. Soda. You’re ready to watch the latest episode of Storage Wars to see who wins the best locker of the day and what cool treasures they might discover.

You’re bit by the auction hunter bug but you have yet to attend a real live auction. The crowd. The heat. The drive. You have one hundred excuses as why not to go, but you really want to experience a storage auction even if just but once.

But maybe you’re shy.

Maybe crowds intimidate you. Maybe you have the cash but it’s all too overwhelming.

Bet you won’t be shy about bidding on a storage unit online.

This new venue now allows you to experience virtually what you may find difficult to experience in reality. But have no doubts about the reality of online storage auctions.

Real storage units up for sale by real vendors. What’s missing? The auctioneer. The crowd. The heat. The one hundred excuses you made for yourself as to why you cannot attend a real live storage auction.

You can sit on your sofa. Browse through the storage units up for auction near your city. Sign up. Log in. Bid for the unit of interest to you. No pressure. No shouts from the crowd. No incoherent auctioneer chatter.

It’s quiet.

Just you and your laptop. This new venue is a great way for you to experience your very first storage auction. You feel safe. You feel in control. You feel secure.

Take your time and browse through all of the storage units available for auction online. And when you’re ready, bid.


You just became an auction hunter not just an auction watcher. Good luck!

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