Missouri Storage AuctionsSelf-storage lien laws across the country have begun to change to keep up with modern technology.

These changes are occurring in response to lobbying by the national Self Storage Association, which works with its affiliates to protect the interests of the storage business.

One of the newest states to undergo such potential changes is Missouri, where House Bill 1225 was introduced.

This bill would allow storage facility owners to notify their defaulted tenants via email instead of or in addition to other types of contact attempts prior to an impending lien auction.

The default period would also been lengthened to 45 days rather than 30 to allow more time for delinquent tenants to recover their belongings. Vehicles could be towed after 60 days of delinquency.

Additionally, if the bill passes, Missouri storage owners can use public media other than newspapers for advertising their lien auctions, including websites. Most significantly for auction hunters, the law also allows Missouri storage facilities to hold lien sales online.

In addition to these changes to the way lien auctions are handled, the new law also provides storage facility owners with new tools for streamlining storage agreements and lien proceedings. Under the new bill, facility owners can work with renters to determine the value of the belongings stored at the facility.

This limits the liability of storage facility owners in the event of property loss or damage.

Whether this appraisal will have any effect on the value of auctions remains to be seen, but it is possible that it could affect the price of lockers auctioned in the state.

On the whole, however, these changes should be positive for everyone involved on the self-storage business, including auction hunters. The bill has passed through its initial stages in Missouri courts, and if passed it should go into effect this August.

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