campchurchChurch camps are fun!

But they don’t come cheap. According to the American Camp Association, church camps may range from about $100 per week up to $400 per week or more.

Now that’s per child! Plus the additional cost of travel that must be provided by the church as well.

Bake sales will work, but only if your church has a large congregation. Small to medium size churches must become more creative in their fund raising efforts.

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Think about it. You need to raise funds. Bake sales, spaghetti dinners, walk-a-thons, car washes, etc., you’ve been there, done that, and guess what? It didn’t work. If you buy a storage unit however, you may double or triple your money.

It’s customary to hold a fundraiser sale at the church parking lot, but if your church’s location is tucked away out in the boonies, that will generate little to no traffic.

You could resell items from a storage unit at a flea market or swap meet. Make signs to let people know the items sold will raise funds to send kids to church camp.

People are sympathetic.

They may buy an item just to help out, and most likely give you more than you are asking for the item to donate to your church camp fundraiser.

If you can pool enough money together to buy a larger unit such as a 10×10, you could possibly rake in enough in profits to send several kids to a decent church camp for free or at least at a huge discount off the church camp’s fee.

I came from a rather large congregation, so bake sales were a huge success. If however your congregation is less than 200, you may rethink the type of fundraiser that will generate the monies you will need.

Buying a storage unit is the easy part. Reselling the merchandise is the hard part. Get all the kids who want to go to camp involved and you should meet your goals far quicker than other methods of investments.

You may have a dozen kids who need to go to camp at $100 each. How can you raise $1,200 money in such a short period of time?

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Even if your locker doesn’t contain the best merchandise, people really are sympathetic and will buy items as well as donate to your church camp fundraising cause.

You’ve tried everything else, why not try this venue. Might become far more successful than you imagine.

What type of church camp fundraisers have been successful for your church?

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