Empty thrift storeYou own a thrift store, second-hand store, or maybe enjoy selling at swap meets and flea markets. But you need product, especially if you want to expand your business. Storage unit auctions are a solid choice for finding a variety of products for you to profit thereby.

One tiny, teeny, issue…

Buy low, sell high is still the status quo, but you cannot seem to win enough good lockers at every auction you attend. You need to generate inventory to keep up with the supply and demand as well as to expand.

Time to step into the 21st century and bid online for storage units.

Think about it for a moment. We shop for virtually anything and everything online. From groceries, electronics, clothing to even the most basic household supplies such as bar soap.

It’s impossible to win every good locker you physically attend without cutting into your profit margin. You may however increase your win percentage by bidding on storage units online. More wins lead to more products which lead to expansion possibilities.

If you’ve traveled the storage auction circuit for a good while you may have developed this internal radar. One quick look at a storage unit and instantly you can assess if that locker will fill your needs.

Same difference in the virtual world.

Take a good long look at a photo of an open storage unit up for auction online and assess its value for your inventory and expansion needs. Pass or go. You just know because that inner radar kicks in. But at least you didn’t have to drive to the auction site and waste your time.

What type of items will you find at online storage auction?

  • Furniture – check
  • Clothing – check
  • Toys – check
  • Kitchen supplies – check
  • Tools – check

You can bid on several storage units online during the week. The more units you win the quicker you generate inventory.

What’s out in the real world is also in the virtual world.

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