What is your passion?

No, no, not buying storage units at auctions. That’s either your full-time job or hobby. Passion is more “specific” in nature, it’s a niche.

Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars digs blue jeans. He knows what style, brand, even the color of stitching on collectible jeans.

Jenny Grumbles from Storage Wars: Texas is well versed in antique furniture.  Whether it’s French provincial or Colonial, she knows her stuff.

For Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner from Storage Wars: New York, it’s all about vintage clothing. They go ga-ga over a pair of old shoes!

Ton Jones from Auction Hunters is crazy about guns, knives and weaponry. He enjoys collecting guns as well as shooting them on the show.

What do they each have in common? They found their niche and have an expert range of knowledge in that niche. Once a storage unit door opens and if the items they are passionate about are in clear view, they can quickly assess the value of the unit. This in turn helps to calculate how much to bid as to not overbid.

Buy Low – Sell High.

My niche is filmmaking. I bought a Panasonic HD professional video camera and received free supplemental editing software. I received the software with the camera but then received an additional one in the mail. I didn’t need two so I sold one on eBay not really understanding the value. It sold for near $200.

Guess what I did? That’s right. I sought out other filmmakers who received the double bonus software and bought it from them for around $30-$50, then sold their unwanted software overseas for over a 200% profit.

What are you passionate about?

What’s your niche?

Do you like bicycles? Paintings? Figurines? Fishing gear? Antique furniture? Cameras? Consider for a moment what type of magazines or books your read. How you spend your free time outside of storage auctions.

Once you find your niche, become an expert. Know the trends. Know what sells and what doesn’t. When you focus on your passion, there lies the greatest success.

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