“I have many skills.” – Xena Warrior Princess.

I admit. I loved that show and I can actually wield a sword. I was a fencer for two years. But if you ask me if I can wield a paint brush to give an old junky piece of furniture a total makeover. Uh, hmm, no. Not even.

Face it.

Most storage units are fraught with old furniture and crappy clothing that even the poor would toss out. (We all have standards.)

Donate. Recycle. What do you do with all that junk you unintentionally bought?

Learn a Do-It-Yourself skill.

Ever tie-dyed a t-shirt? They’re still popular today. You could turn a box full of old yet decent t-shirts into trendy ready-to-wear apparel. Just need the right tools and tutorials.

The internet contains hundreds of “How To” articles and videos from just about anything imaginable. You can learn how-to take a pair of cruddy jeans from your storage unit and dye, distress or cut the perfect holes into the jeans. Easy sell to college students.

Mary Padian from Storage Wars: Texas likes JUNK! She took bicycle rims, reworked the spokes and made an art deco table. It was amazing.

Jenny Grumbles from Storage Wars: Texas learned how to up-cycle furniture from her mother. She turned a scratchy dresser into a very nice bathroom sink piece of furniture. You read that right. She sanded, painted and cut a hole on  top of the dresser and dropped the sink inside.

Clever. No, brilliant!

Let’s list a few junky type items you’ll find inside a storage unit:

  • Furniture
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Bicycles
  • Machinery

Can’t stand the smell of paint, then maybe you can learn how to fix a bike. Can’t stand grease, work with dyes. Can’t stand dyes, learn to frame and enhance artwork.

Focus on what you are “willing” to do. Don’t get stuck on fixing items that you believe will make you the most money because in the long run it won’t.

Huh? What? Say again…

Here’s the thing, time is your most valuable asset. If you learn a DIY skill for the money and really dislike the work, it will show up in the final product. Learn a skill in what is of the most interest to you and that will in translate into a profit.


Always stick to your passion – your NICHE.

A little imagination and a DIY skill will take you to another level as an auction hunter as you will “see” greater potential for profit inside a storage unit.

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