picker-sisters-lifetimeHow many storage auction, flip-for-profit, or picker/thrift reality series can you name off the top of your head?

Probably a just a handful.

But there are dozens of “scavenge for collectibles” reality series.

Many are ongoing while others have been cancelled, however you may view episodes or clips on the network’s website or on YouTube.

From pickers, thrifters, toy hunters, auctions hunters, and scavengers.

A little bit of this and that for everyone.

Here’s a list by network for you.

A&E Network

Storage WarsStorage Wars TexasStorage Wars New York
Auctions hunters compete to buy storage units.

Flipping BostonFlipping San DiegoFlipping Vegas
Buy, fix, and flip houses for profit.

History Channel

American Pickers: Travel the back roads of US to pick collectibles from sheds, homes, stores, and fields.
Cash Cowboys (H2): Canadian pickers search for collectible in garages, attics, sheds, barns, and shops.

Lifetime Channel

Sister Pickers: Pair of females travel the US in search of antiques and rare collectibles for their home decor store.

Science Channel

Oddities•Oddities San Francisco•Odd Folks Home
Search fleas, auctions, and antique shows for unique and unusual artifacts.

Spike TV

Auction Hunters: Pair of auction hunters buys storage units.
Flip Men: Purchase foreclosed houses at auction, remodel, and flips for profit.
Savage Family Diggers: Family travel across the US searching for buried artifacts.
Scappers: Three competing groups collect and sell scrap metal.
Thrift Hunters: Duo search through thrift stores to find collectible items.

Travel Channel

Baggage Battles: Buyers attend lost baggage auctions, police auctions, and estate auctions.
Toy Hunter: Renowned toy dealer searches for collections of rare toys.


Container Wars: Buyers compete at auction to buy merchandise inside shipyard containers.
Storage Hunters: Auctions hunters compete to buy storage units.

These are a few of the flip-for-profit reality series on cable television. Which shows are your favorite? Which shows do you plan to watch?

Please leave your insightful opinion about this list of shows in the comment box below.