Boat RV Storage AuctionOne great benefit of is that it’s not limited to just self-storage lien auctions. This means that you can utilize this free service to sell unwanted vehicles whether you’re a facility owner, manager or a private seller.

Sometimes tenants abandon their vehicles at a storage facility. Others may have fallen behind on rent payments due to financial difficulties, or the vehicle may have been forgotten about by the tenant’s family after a death or incarceration.

Whatever the reason, these abandoned vehicles can take up a lot of space and prove to be a hassle for storage facilities, which may want to auction them off to make up the cost of unpaid rent.

Alternatively, you may be a vehicle owner who wishes to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. You might be keeping your car in boat in storage due to a lack of space at home, but have no real interest in continuing to pay storage fees.

Selling a vehicle privately can be a real hassle, and you may not have the time to meet with individual buyers who just want to kick tires without committing to anything. It would be much easier to simply sell the car, boat or RV to an interested buyer without all of the intermediary steps.

In either case, whether you’re a storage facility owner or a private seller, using an online storage auction service can save you a lot of time and money.

If you’re a storage facility manager or owner, you’ll want to follow the necessary lien sale procedures in your state’s lien laws. Once you’ve confirmed that there are no lien holders or criminal investigations to worry about, you can begin the sales process.

If you’re a private seller and you hold a clean title to the vehicle, you’re ready to begin as well. First, you’ll need to take a few detailed photographs. The more details you can include in these pictures, the more likely you’ll be to pique the interests of potential buyers.

You’ll then post these photographs on the website along with a description of the vehicle’s year, make, model, condition and any other important information that would help pique the interest of a buyer.

From there, the vehicle will go up for auction, where a network of interested buyers can begin bidding on the unit. Each of our auctions is advertised widely through multiple channels to help pique buyer interest; you can also advertise the auction in local newspapers and other media outlets to increase the number of bidders.

After the bidding has been completed, you will be provided with the winning bidder’s information. At that point, you can work out the details of payment with that bidder.

If for some reason the winner doesn’t come forward to claim the vehicle, you can contact the next-highest bidder and so forth until the vehicle is effectively sold.

This whole system is provided free of charge for storage facility owners and private sellers. doesn’t take any sales fees or commission, and all transactions are completed in cash between the buyer and seller. We simply facilitate the sale so that you can get your unwanted RV, boat, car, trailer or ATV sold with minimal hassles.

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