americanpickers-thrifthunters-logoDo you know the difference between “Pickers” and “Thrifters?”

A true-blue picker will explore people’s homes, barns, storage sheds, fields, garages, stores, and basically anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE) under the sun.

Pickers don’t mind climbing on top of a mountain of “stuff” inside a dilapidated building. Actually, they enjoy it!

They will crawl deep inside a basement. Dirt, dust, rust, and even rats don’t bother pickers. Pickers get dirty.

They HUNT in the most the most unusual places and they LOVE it!

Have you watched the reality television series American Pickers? How often have you seen Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz climb and crawl in the dirtiest and dustiest of places? Both men pumped with the thrill of the treasure hunt, they didn’t mind a little dirt (or a lot depending on the episode) on their bodies for that “Aha!” collectible.

Pickers will even use Google Earth to locate open fields used as junk yards for their next adventure.

Thrifters, well, they liked to keep their clothes clean if possible by hunting in all of the usual places:

  • Thrift Stores
  • Garage/Yard Sales
  • Flea Markets
  • Swap Meets

New show on SpikeTV Thrift Hunters will follow Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman, bonafide true-blue Thrifters, as they hunt for items at all of the usual and maybe some unusual places.

On their website they list the three big thrift stores they frequent:

  1. Savers – 250+ stores
  2. Salvation Army – 1500+ stores
  3. Goodwill Industries – 2500+ stores

Both Pickers and Thrifters have one thing in common – find an item on the cheap that they can flip for a profit.

Which are you?

A Picker who will rummage through attics, basements, junk yards, and garbage? Or a Thrifter who will carefully examine items at thrift stores, flea markets, and swap meets?

Whichever you choose, happy hunting!

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