Craigslist AuctionStorage auctions went on for decades without many changes. Suddenly, thanks to their growth and publicity from a few reality TV shows, they exploded in popularity.

While this had many less-than-desirable effects on the auction resale business, its popularity surge has resulted in the creation of many new technologies to assist resellers. One of the best of these is the online or virtual storage auction, which could revolutionize the way units are bought and sold.

A virtual storage auction works similarly to any other online auction: A unit is posted for auction with pictures and a description of the contents. Bidders can place bids online, and the winning bidder will contact the unit’s owner to arrange payment and pick up the items. An auction can go on for a few days or weeks, and these auctions are quickly becoming more popular among busy professionals.

Auctions can be placed by storage facilities and private sellers alike. In this way, they become a viable solution for resellers looking to get rid of their items quickly. In fact, auctioning off storage units full of merchandise is one of the best ways to get rid of items quickly without the hassle of selling them piece by piece. If you’re accustomed to selling things through Craigslist, consider auctioning them instead. Here’s why:

— You can sell everything in one big lot rather than having your items picked over. This saves you from being stuck with only the hardest-to-sell items left over.

— You don’t have to deal with tire kickers who only want to look but won’t commit to buying.

— You can set up the auction and let it run its course. You don’t need to be an active participant in the sale; you just collect the money when it’s done.

— You can meet the buyer at the storage facility rather than arranging another neutral drop-off location or risking giving your home address to a stranger.

— You don’t need to keep renewing ads. Once bidders find your auction, they’ll stick with it to the end. The auction site will advertise your sale as well, increasing your chance of finding buyers.

— When people shop on Craigslist, they’re looking for a great deal and will nickel and dime you to death. Whenever they bid on an auction, they feel like treasure hunters and will sometimes get so caught up in the thrill of discovery that they bid more than they’d intended.

Although a virtual auction may not be the best way to sell all the merchandise you find, it is a good way to get rid of large quantities of items at once.

It’s certainly an option to add to your repertoire, and since it’s free to post an auction on, you don’t lose anything by trying it out. You may soon discover that selling items in this way is much more convenient, enabling you to push a larger quantity of merchandise and maximize your resale business’s profits.

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