Man pushes a woman sitting in a shopping cartIt’s Saturday morning. You’re ready to head out to a flea market, swap meet, antique store, or yard sale. But you’re not a window shopper. You like to spend money.

Even if you do not have anything in mind, it’s fun to shop around. Find a collectible. Come across a household item you might need or want. On any given weekend you’ll buy what appeals to you.

Shopping is fun!

So is buying a virtual storage unit up for auction.

It’s easy to understand why you would not want to attend live storage auctions. Television shows such as Storage Wars make storage auctions appear intimidating with large bid-hungry crowds, fast-talking auctioneers, etc.

Virtual storage auctions however are online. You don’t have to drive or be outside under any harsh elements of the day. Or even weave in and out of rows of people.

Items you find at flea markets, swap meets, antique stores, and yard sales are the same type items you’ll find inside storage units, and maybe even better. That’s the connection. Instead of buying a single item or a few items, you buy in bulk.

But with storage units you can’t always see what inside the unit because the boxes are not labeled. It’s not the same as seeing the items out in the open at a flea markets. Yes, this is true. However the treasures you may find hidden inside rubber containers and boxes is sort of a shopping adventure.

Think of how much money you spend each weekend at flea markets or swap meets. About $30-$50 or more, maybe? It adds up in a hurry.

Buy one storage unit on the cheap and purchase in one day what would take you a month or more to buy piecemeal. What do you do with items you don’t want? If you attend yard sales you most likely host them as well. Sell. Barter. Giveaway.

Storage unit auctions may not be a hobby or an investment venture for you. Yet you love to look for treasures every weekend. Save yourself the time and trouble from going out if but once and buy a single virtual storage unit up for auction. Why you ask?

Because it’s fun to shop!

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