Storage Battles Virtual Storage AuctionIf you’ve done any research into online storage auctions, you may know that storage units sold online tend to sell for more than their in-person counterparts.

What you may not realize is that auctions held on earn up to 25% more than auctions listed on competitor websites like If you’re looking for a place to list your storage units for sale, wouldn’t you rather choose a site that will let you put more money in your pocket?

Unlike Storage Battles and other similar listing sites, doesn’t charge any fees. Our listing service is completely free. That means that there are no buyer’s premiums and no seller’s fees eating into your profits: Whatever is bid is the amount you receive.

Storage Battles charges a 15% premium to the winning bidder. Since buyers take this fee into consideration, they scale down their bidding by 15% to make up for the cost. The seller is unknowingly paying the buyer’s fees. Worse, the seller has to pay an additional 10% in seller’s fees. Combined, this makes for 25% in lost revenue on every auction posted on If that weren’t enough, Storage Battles charges a $20 cancellation fee per unit. No wonder some people are reluctant to sign up for online auctions!

We do things differently at Our site is completely free, with no premiums charged to bidders, auctioneers, private sellers or storage facilities. So if you’ve been uneasy about trying an online auction service, consider giving us a try.

You have nothing to lose.

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