The location for the today’s episode is Glasgow.


Some old furniture, a vintage looking kitchen unit.

kitchen unit furniture vintage

vintage kitchen unit

Nat and John are interested and so is George. George – John is Nat’s lap dog.

The bidding starts and Nat and John win the lot at Ł700. They investigate the unit with Sean. Chairs, sofas, a bar, 4 candelabras and the aforementioned vintage kitchen unit.

candelabra kitchen bar

They made a profit on this unit, but Nat confirms if they lost money, it would have been John’s fault.



A children’s bike, a guitar. Danny is interested and so are Nat and John.

bike guitar

Danny explains why he is being a pain in the a** – I love winding people up, getting under their skin, they don’t have their head in the bin and that’s how I make money.


The bidding starts and Danny wins the lot at Ł1000. Nat’s face says it all.


Afterwards Nat, John and Linda have a good gossip about Danny. The gist of it – they can’t stand him.

Nat John Linda Danny


Some books and musical equipment.

books instruments

Linda thinks it’s instruments. Matt thinks Danny is all mouth. He is getting on everyone’s nerves and will get punched by the end of the day.

The bidding starts and Nat and John decide this would be a good time to have another one of their domestics. Linda wins the lot at Ł875. Nat and John continue with their domestic. Nat is pissed John is sticking up for Danny. And she tells John she is the one making money. What’s this – Storage Hunters UK or Couples Therapy?

Nat John

Linda investigates the unit with Sean. They find a pair of bongos (Sean says they are in good condition and a nice brand). Further inspection reveals a guitar stand, an old record player, a banjo, a mandolin and a violin.

Linda bongos SEan

instruments banjo violin Sean Linda

Sean decides to give playing a violin a go – hm maybe better no dude, you might break it?

Sean Linda violin

In total Linda has five instruments that she will need to get appraised.


A bunch of pet store stuff?

dogs cats toys

Danny and Nat have an argy bargy.

Danny – her problem is she is jealous. She sees John, he’s not good looking. She sees me, a good looking guy, nice tan, making a lot of money. Hm yes, that’s what he said.


ANYHOW back to the unit. Linda can see sawdust, it’s something to do with animals. And our Linda, she doesn’t like animals. George shares he might have a cheeky bid.

The bidding starts and wouldn’t you know, Nat and John end up bidding against each other? Seriously.


George wins the lot at Ł1200. Another domestic between Nat and John.

George investigates the unit with Sean. A gerbil cage (luckily without the gerbil). A bunch of dog and cat toys.

dog cat toys George

A big dog bed (for John says George). A bunch of dog jackets.

dog bed

And a stuffed dog. As in – this is not a toy dog. No. This is a dog that was dead and then the poor bugger got stuffed. No, we aren’t kidding. We wish we were.

stuffed dog


George has made a loss with this one. Sean asks George whether it was worth losing Ł400 just to wind up John, George says yes.

Back to storage unit number 2 with Danny. An empty guitar case. 3 (!!!) pinball machines.

pinball Danny Sean

And a major score – a Gibson guitar.

gibson guitar Danny

Linda gets her instruments appraised and the whole lot is worth between Ł800 and Ł900.


Afterwards Linda has a jam session.

Linda jam session


Nat and John: Ł1300
George: -Ł400
Danny: Ł2000

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