darrellsheets-michaelgiovanniAmerica is out of shape as are a few of our Storage Wars reality stars (they know who they are). Recently, a couple of the fan favorites stepped up to get back into shape and hit the gym

Right on!

Today we’ll discuss Darrell Sheets. Before I tell you his fitness goals, let me give you a few facts about fitness training.

You want six-pack abs and believe that sit-ups are the answer to gaining that washboard stomach. Uh, no. You will strengthen those abdominal muscles, but they stay underneath the belly fat or properly called, “body fat.”

You must first burn off the body fat through exercise and no, you cannot target “where” to lose weight. You need to lower your body fat and also consider a more balanced diet.

Rule – Energy In / Energy Out.

However many calories you consume within a day, you should burn off those calories that same day and more.

Burn more than you consume.

So who is at risk? According to the American Heart Association I’ve posted the “at risk” waist sizes for both men and women.

Men’s Waist:

1. Risk – 37 inches
2. High Risk – 40 inches or more

Women’s Waist:

1. Risk – 31.5 inches
2. High Risk – 34.5 inches or more

Darrell’s goal is to lose 40 pounds to a lean 210 pounds. Though I’m not sure what his waist size is, he is at risk. You’ve seen the show. You know he has quite a belly/body fat. But “The Gambler” is DOING something about it. Darrell trains with an elite personal trainer, Michael Giovanni each week.

I know, I know, not all of us can afford to have a personal trainer. But the inspiration here is even when Darrell doesn’t “want’ to get up to hit the gym, he does. Even when he,

“Woke up super sick today but still going to the gym, what is happening to me,”

he didn’t make an excuse.

He got up. He got out. He worked out.

At this writing Darrell has lost 10 pounds of the 40 pounds set in his goal and there is no stopping him now.

Why wait until New Year to make a resolution to get into shape? Darrell listened to his body and he knew it was time to get healthy. If you cannot afford a trainer or go to the gym, watch work out sessions online or on television or read books.

Get up and get healthy!

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