DarrellSheets-militaryI’ll be Home for Christmas is a song that strikes deep into the hearts of our military personnel around the world during the holiday season.

Our voluntary soldiers protect our borders as they are stationed around the world in both areas of conflict and areas that are not.

Americans safely celebrate the holidays with our family and our friends and we do indeed feel safe year ‘round.

Darrell Sheets from A&E reality series Storage Wars ran across a few local military men outside of a restaurant. He took a photo with them and expressed to his Twitter fans to find a way to thank our troops this holiday season.

We know how can YOU can say – Thanks!

You can take a look at Support Our Troops and browse through the links on the page. You can send something as simple as a virtual e-card to thank our service men and women for the hard work they do day in and day out to keep Americans safe.

Here’s a short list of the type of support you can give:

  • Sponsor care packages
  • Purchase gift certificates for active and hospitalized service members
  • Donate books
  • Donate movies
  • Donate music
  • Help pay for air conditioners and heaters
  • Send greetings and messages of support
  • Donate a calling card
  • Donate your old cell phones, which pay for calling cards for our troops
  • Give the gift of groceries

Just click on one of the links which may appeal to you.

If you happen to see a service personnel at the mall or out and about town, be sure to shake their hand and thank them for their service to our country as our military is strictly voluntary.

We here at Online Storage Auctions wish all our military personal both at home and abroad a very safe and merry holiday season. We support our troops by informing all the Storage Wars fans to please take action in even the smallest way to give back to our troops.

Send an e-card today!

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