CandyOlsen-CourtneyWagner-SWNY1-1Storage Wars: New York: Season 1, Episode 1: “Beg, Borough, or Steal.”

Auction held at Brooklyn, New York.

If you find a storage unit up for auction full of merchandise that’s part of your passion, that’s your ticket to success.

Uh, well, it usually works that way.

In this episode, passion struck gold for one and for another uh, a profit to buy two cups of coffee, if that.

Candy hit a curb on the drive to the auction, oops. She needs to adjust to the new banana van. Chris and Tad could not agree on what defined a good locker. Mike drank Pepto-Bismol like water; had slight food poisoning. Joe P believed he possessed a sixth sense.

Joe P: I have ESP. Extra Storage Perception.

We’ll see…

1st Storage Unit
Deep and cramped, as if someone threw their art gallery business inside then left the country. Art supplies in rubber tubs, paintings, frames, pair of speakers, and tools. However, this was an art depot by definition.

Mr. ESP loved art. Sick Guido just had to have it to have it. Joe P entered only one bid and won the storage unit at $1,500.

Mike: The “P” in Joe P stands for, “Pissing me off!”

Joe P dug through his unit with a helper. Found a drum set, coffee table, modern chair, and a truckload of art. He took a few paintings and photographs to Arnet Gallery to have them appraised.

His ESP worked. Joe had three Chen Chow Young print photographs. Valued at $3,000, $5,000, and a piece titled “Personal Utopia” valued at $7,000. His passion for art was his ticket to success.

2nd Storage Unit
Three rubber containers and two trash bags. Boxes of shoes visible in one opened trash bag. Fashionistas Candy & Courtney loved shoes. However Chris and Tad would make them over pay at $155 for the locker.

Any high-end shoes? Just one. A hand-crafted Phil Laduca tap dance shoe. Hand-crafted. Made in Italy with a t-strap. Same brand tap shoe worn by dancers on Broadway. Problem? Valued only at $80-$100.

Lesson: Don’t let your passion exceed the value of the locker.

3rd Storage Unit
Frat party mess. What’s wrong with these New Yorkers? If you store stuff in a locker… pack it neat or at least try. Joe P took one look, he’s out. Mike’s out. Gals were out.

Candy: The only thing vintage in here is the dust. No, thanks.

That left Chris and Tad, or at least Tad. He kept bidding. Chris told him to STOP! Tad would not listen. Won the locker for $525. What did they find?


That’s why the other players stepped away. One item however would keep Tad out of the dog house. Tech Grill custom-made and brand, spanking new. Grill heats up to 800°F which is as close as a home consumer can achieve to a restaurant quality sear on meat. Appraised at $1,675.

And no, that locker had nothing to do with passion, just luck.

Profit Scorecard:

Joe P: $16,450
Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton: $1,250
Candy Olsen & Courtney Wagner: $10
Mike Braiotta: $0

Candy and Courtney really wanted that unit, but do you think they should have dumped it on Chris and Tad?

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