ChrisMorelli-BeautyQueen-SWNY2-13Storage Wars: New York: Season 2, Episode 13: “Bidding in the Rain.”

Everyone’s singing in the rain… Okay, not really. John Luke smelled donuts, oh yeah! Joe P brought a mother-of-all flashlights to see all the way to the back of the storage units, as well as to blind the competition. Get that thing away from me, Joe P, I’m trying to type here. Sheesh.

Candy & Courtney: We’ll have coffee. We’ll talk. We’ll win an auction.

Sounded cool, gals. Mike needed quality merchandise to get people into his store. Chris and Tad knew the rooms in Long Island were outdoors, so buy big! That’s if they can agree on anything.

1roomSWNY2-131st Room
Mattresses tossed about, washer on top of a dryer, set of four tires, sofa (unsure of condition), and rest a mess. Mike cut in front of Candy and Courtney which irked them. Ooo, the gals would make him pay. Uh, well, not really. C&C still need to learn the risk skill of bidding HIGHER, then drop a room on another player. Mike won easily at $275.Gym-Springboard-SWNY2-13

Joe P: Two cats fighting over a dead mouse.

Mike had a trash pile and a good pile. Guess which pile was bigger? Modern chairs, couch, an outdoor grill, and a type of gymnastic spring board valued at $300.

2roomSWNY2-132nd Room
Boxes, leather tool belt, water cooler, and junk. Mike cut in front of Candy and Courtney, again! What is this, the 2nd grade? Courtney whined to auctioneer John Luke. He was amused at the situation.

Mike: This is business. Not a fashion show.

John Luke started the bid at $125. Dottie the dog barked. John took that bid. Seriously, Chris and Tad, you need to give Dottie something to chew on during auctions. Tables turned and Mike bid up Courtney and Candy, but not by much really. C&C won at $450.State-Fair-Pins-SWNY2-13

Gals had to quickly dig before the rain. Bamboo curtain, gong, and then it POURED. Candy and Courtney grabbed trash bags and made their own rain coats. They continued to did and found an animal rug, electronics, and pins. Vintage pins, mind you, from the 1939 New York’s World Fair. Valued at $125.

3roomSWNY2-133rd Room
Decent furniture pieces, machinery, and dust.

*Note* – If a storage unit is ‘dusty’ not ‘dirty’ that may be a good sign. Dust indicates the locker has been untouched for a long while.

Think antiques. That’s what was on Chris’ and Tad’s minds.

Guess who learned to finally bid up a storage unit then drop it in on another player? Candy and Courtney. They made Chris and Tad pay $1,600.

Chris: Come on girls, we didn’t do anything to you.Eggin-CubatorSWNY2-13

Don’t take it personally, Chris, it’s just business. Guys had a lot of boxes to go through. Books, household junk, buffet table, end table, industrial sewing machine, smoke glass table, pair of pageant dresses, and a brand new uh, incubator? At appraisal they learned contraption was a 100 egg incubator. Valued at $1,000.

No bad eggs there, Chris and Tad!

Profit Scoreboard:
Mike Braiotta: $2,491
Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton: $1,450
Candy Olsen & Courtney Wagner: LOSS -$60
Joe P: $0

Would you cut in line at an auction?

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