The Storage Wars formula is undoubtedly successful. After the first program premiered in 2010, fans started eagerly tuning in to see the antics of auction hunters in southern California. A&E then released another wildly popular show, Storage Wars: Texas, which takes place in Dallas. Now, following on the ever-growing success of the first two shows, A&E has decided to launch another installment in the popular franchise – Storage Wars: New York.

The show will follow the same premise of the others: Professional storage auction buyers will seek treasures at New York storage facilities. Part of the success of any reality TV show is the quality of its characters, and that’s certainly been true of other Storage Wars iterations in the past. Now that the show is cast, here’s what information we could dig up on these new faces.

Storage Wars New York Cast

Joe “P” Pauletich

A Queens native and 20-year veteran of the auction industry, Joe is what A&E describes as the “Philosopher King and Zen Master of Storage Facilities.” He’s bringing years of experience, patience and quiet-spoken wisdom to the table, and he’s a formidable opponent. Joe is the owner of SoHo Treasures, an antique store stocked with items from storage auctions, estate sales, and other sources.

Since the shop focuses primarily on upscale items, quirky vintage furniture, antiques and sculptures, it seems clear that Joe’s bidding strategy will be keeping a keen eye for the few items his shop needs.

The store’s website is located at The already well-known New York business is sure to get an influx of attention from shoppers now thanks to the show.

Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner

Every storage auction TV reality series needs a pair of attractive young greenhorns, and Candy and Courtney fulfill that role. Luckily, these ladies have more than sunny personalities on their side. They’re also the owners of C&C Pop-up Shop, a roaming mobile store that sells vintage and up-cycled clothing and crafts. Working with a smaller budget than some of the other veterans on the show, Candy and Courtney will need to show careful strategy when placing bids.

Young and web-savvy, these girls already have some web presence. You can check in with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. For a mobile business, word-of-mouth is key, and this show will definitely help increase sells.

Mike Braiotta

If Joe Pauletich is the old veteran, Mike is the sharp, no-nonsense young businessman. Unlike other cast members who focus on up-scale vintage items, Mike’s got his eye on things of a more practical nature. His shop, Sam’s Seconds, is a consignment store that caters to normal buyers and sellers. Through keeping prices reasonable, he can sell a wider variety of goods – which makes it easier to turn a profit on any serviceable items found in a storage locker.

According to A&E, Mike’s both confident and not shy about “busting other people’s chops.” This will certainly add some drama to the show, and it helps him stand out alongside some of the quieter cast members. You can follow Mike on Twitter, where his username gives a good glimpse into his confident character – @nystorageking. Or, if you want to chat live with Mike from Storage Wars New York, he’s a regular on our forum.

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton

It’s not Storage Wars without a bickering duo of savvy business partners, and Chris and Tad certainly fit the bill. Co-owners of The Frayed Knot, a furniture store specializing in antiques and vintage pieces, these two have plenty of experience in spotting a good deal and refurbishing gems in the rough. They started their business by refurbishing and re-selling items bought on Craigslist – a business that came easy to Chris, who had previously spent 17 years in the textile design industry.

Energetic Chris says whatever is on his mind, and it’s up to more down-to-earth Tad to keep him in line. They’re sure to become viewer favorites thanks to the quick interplay of sarcastic remarks. You can visit their store online at

John Luke

An auction is only as good as its auctioneer, and John Luke is one of the best in the business. A 20-year veteran in the industry, John is New York personified. Friendly but fast-talking and businesslike, he knows the storage business inside and out and is more than happy to serve as an unofficial tour guide to the auction industry in the Big Apple.

It’s harder to find more information on John online than some of his colleagues, so fans are in for a bit of a surprise at the show’s premier as we get to know this friendly professional.

If Storage Wars: New York follows the same format as its predecessors, the cast should offer a fun mix of personalities. Colorful characters are the cornerstone of reality TV, and it’s certainly a powerful element of what’s made the Storage Wars franchise so successful.

Storage Wars: New York premieres on January 1st with two episodes. The first takes place in Brooklyn, and the second in Harlem.

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