Storage Wars: New York: Season 2, Episode 8: “As the World Bids.”

Everybody and their brother brought a box truck to this storage auction. Not just any ordinary auction mind you, but a VAULT auction. Neatly packed, stacked boxes, and merchandise by a moving company.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, people don’t hire moving companies to store junk. Store items at a moving company facility does not come cheap.

Vaults = Less Crap.

Truck, check. Money, check. Remember to win, um… someone forgot to win a vault. Can you guess who?

1vaultSWNY2-81st Vault
Marble table top, suitcase, paper wrapped items, and boxes. Candy and Courtney immediately turned off by the marble. Joe P’s strategy to announce he’s buying this vault, because if he wants it, it must be good.

His power of suggestion had everyone second guess themselves. Near the end of auction Mike noticed Joe P had not placed a single bid. Mike won at $2,000, ouch!

Mike: Is this a trap? Man I just walked right into that one.

Time to check out what was in his over priced vault. Portable air conditioner, couple of small rugs, pair of crystal candle Polo-SaddleSWNY2-8holders, unique hand-crafted lamp, coffee table, ceramic bowl, colorful vase, pair of nightstands, and clothing. Not enough to break even.

His Hail Mary crammed in the back – a saddle. It’s neither western nor an English saddle. Mike took it for appraisal and discovered it was an English-style polo saddle. Bit worn but had a value at $1,500.

2vaultSWNY2-82nd Vault
Chairs, patio furniture, type of couch, and boxes. Candy and Courtney liked this vault, but Mike and Joe P, not so much. That left Chris and Tad, both a bit undecided.

Candy: Look out boys. The Candy truck is gonna run you over.

At $550 C&C blew away the competition. Candy and Courtney jumped right in to unpacked the vault. Wall art, contemporary computer desk, patio table with four white upholstered chairs, wine rack, chaise lounge, entertainment unit, sofa pillows, and an antique espresso maker.

Candy and Courtney improved a little soap opera skit which was a riot (you had to be there).Espresso-Maker-SWNY-2-8

The gals took their espresso maker to a coffee shop for appraisal. Vintage, made in Milan, Italy by Giovanni Riobatti. Stove top espresso maker made in 1980s for the home. Valued at $450.

The 10 Vault Auction

One owner of all ten vaults. The bid therefore would be for all ten vaults. All ten vaults opened at one time. Prevalent theme throughout was photography.

Joe P: I got the fever on this one.

As well as the highest bid at $2,500. What a steal! Joe P brought two trucks to load his merchandise and haul it back to his secret warehouse somewhere in the northeast. There were too many items to list, so here’s a before photo of his warehouse.


Trucks unloaded. Here’s the after photo.


Whoa, Nelly!

Profit Scorecard:

Joe P: $13,350
Mike Braiotta: $985
Candy Olsen & Courtney Wagner: $780
Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton: $0

Who forgot to win a vault? Tad and Chris, the two who constantly disagree to agree, or was that to agree to disagree.

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