OnlineStorageAuctions.comGreat news!

We recently acquired, the premium exact-match domain for the online storage auction niche.

As a result, we have reorganized two of our existing properties under the new domain:, a free online auction service, and, the web’s largest storage auction website and discussion forum.

At present, Storage Auction Forums contains more than 30,000 posts and has the largest and most active storage auction-related community on the web.

In addition to the merger, more than 500 articles, 1,000 comments and 16 celebrity interviews from will be integrated into the new This will make the new site the new authority in storage auctions.

As the largest and most informative site in its niche, is positioned to out-compete our closest competitor by providing three times the content. With a constantly growing community and active media presence, we’re bound to grow larger to meet the needs of the storage auction business.

We intend to keep completely free for users. This allows members to join, share experiences and participate in online storage auctions with no cost.

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