clothingbarterforumsWhat type of merchandise you will most commonly find inside a storage unit? Household items, of course.

The second most found merchandise is clothing and lots of it for all ages and many different sizes.

If you find designer clothing you may get a quick flip online or at a flea market or swap meet. The rest is a guess as to how long it will take to sell the clothing for profit, or to just break even.

But what if you don’t want to go through the trouble of selling clothes despite the brand name?

There are two alternatives. One is to give the clothing away to charity, which isn’t really a step toward profit. The second alternative is to BARTER or TRADE an item or items for something you can sell or maybe something you want for yourself or for family and friends.

Bartering is a tool that A&E’s Barter Kings, Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh, use to trade items for better items without the exchange of money. They actually shy away from any currency exchange as though it were the plague.

Your storage unit may have boxes or rubber bins full of clothes and you have no clue to its value or rather not put in the time and effort to resale. Consider to barter or trade for better items or maybe even consign.

Here’s a short list of the top barter clothing websites.

1. Swap Style

This is a higher end barter forum which was founded by fashion designer Emily Chesher in 2004. It’s a worldwide community that swaps clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. They also have a small section for books and electronics. You do not need to pay a membership fee.

2. Rehash

A forum to trade clothes and accessories with other members. It’s also a social type of network that’s eco-friendly. You can request items and attend swap events. Membership is free to interested parties.

3. Thred Up

This consignment forum you send your merchandise to them and receive 80% of item’s sale price after it’s sold. Primary focus of the forum is boy’s and girl’s clothing. Also included are Juniors and Women fashion. Membership is free.

They have a unique clothing calculator at Thred Up that may give you an idea if your clothing is worth trading or better off at Salvation Army.

Let us know what you think about bartering or trading in the comment box below.