Beatles-Vinyl-RecordsDo you know what the top five collectibles are today?

Trends change.

While it’s important to stay on top of the current trends; this list is a standard of stable and lucrative collectibles that pass the test of time. Be on the lookout for items like these while attending storage unit auctions.

Rare Vinyl Records

While MP3s is the modern day version of a 45 rpm single record; the LPs (Long-Playing) records are still pressed today. Favorite of DJs as LPs are used to beat-mix a set of music.

Lack of availability in the open market will turn a promotional record for the Beatles single Love Me Do into a huge sale of $10,974. Another 45 rpm single by the Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man with the original sleeve sold for $10,000.

Harder to find, the more valuable the record.

Action Figures

Immediately you’re first thought – Star Wars. Yes, they are collectible. Before Jedi however,,there was Aquaman, Thor, Green Arrow, Hulk, and so many more. Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars found a tub full of action figures (each still new in box). At appraisal four were valued at $8,000. Spiderman alone was valued at $3,000.

A vintage Darth Vader, with its telescoping light saber, sold for $10,000. How rare? Only eight in the world are known to exist.

Antique Coins

Pursuit of collecting antique coins dubbed as ‘King of Hobbies.’ San Francisco Morgan silver dollar (only 100,000 in total mint) sold for $16,878. Mintage, number of copies, unique characteristics or defects, determine the value of a coin.

Movie Memorabilia

Look for iconic and world wide appeal for the most lucrative collectibles for film.

  • Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot dress from My Fair Lady valued at $3.7m
  • Marilyn Monroe’s bathrobe valued at $120,000
  • The Maltese Falcon statuette valued at $4m in 2013

Demand for movie star iconic costumes through the roof. Good news that movie memorabilia continue to rise in value.

Rare Stamps

Sweden, United Kingdom, or China are the most sought after collectible stamps. How many times have you found a storage unit full of paper items? Bills, letters, invoices, and such. Keep in mind that until personal computers were readily available in every household; and the fact the world wide web didn’t exists until 1989; snail mail was the form of correspondence.

Rare stamps hold a value of several hundred to several thousand dollars. The rarest of stamps however could cash in the millions. Sift through all of the mail carefully after you buy a locker. Especially units that have been untouched for years. Who knows if the tenant corresponded abroad. Check the stamps on all of the envelopes before you tossed them out.

Lesson here it to not dismiss envelopes, toys, or records. Take the time to do a little research and properly sift through all paper materials for rare finds.

For your information, Treskilling Yellow is a Swedish postage stamp estimated value at $3.14m.

Good luck!

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