Mobile-Card-ReaderIt’s become more and more uncommon for people to carry cash in their pockets.

In general, most people use their bank’s check card or a credit card to make their purchases.

Some people don’t even have banks, opting instead to use a prepaid card or spend money directly from Paypal.

With so much cash being replaced with plastic, it’s important to give your buyers a convenient payment option whenever possible.

Traditionally, most garage sale and flea market sales are paid in cash, and most regular buyers will bring a bit of cash with them.

But how do you reach the people who may have spent the money in their pockets but could still be interested in your items?

Or the people who came just to browse, but found something they really want to buy?

If you can accept credit card payments, you’re one step closer to making a sale that otherwise would not have happened.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to take credit card payments.

You just need to buy an extension and the corresponding app for your smart phone or tablet.

You can use the card reader on an iPhone, Android or iPad. The funds will deposit directly into your bank or Paypal account, depending on how you set up your account.

There are several different apps and extensions available, so you’ll want to shop around to find the right fit. The best will give you a low interest rate on purchases, so you can retain the most money per swipe. You’ll also want something with a low initial investment and no monthly payments.

The best part of using a mobile card reader for your resale business is that your smart phone or tablet is already a vital part of your business.

  • Use the Internet on it to research items.
  • Map the way to auctions or markets with a GPS.
  • Keep in contact with buyers and sellers through phone calls and emails.

By adding a simple extension, you create a mobile business that can go anywhere; and by offering flexible payment options to your buyers, you can get a leg-up on the competition.

Once your buyers realize how much more convenient it is to buy an item from you than run to the ATM, you can begin securing more sales than ever.

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