Woman inside a cardboard boxYou are boxed in during the weekday with responsibilities. Your weekends are set aside for your hobby which is storage unit auctions. You enjoy the locals. Friendly or not so friendly competition for a good locker. Thrill of the win. Dig through the items. Find a few collectibles. Make a profit.

But it’s a hobby, not a full-time job for you.

As with any activity that you enjoy during your leisure time you crave for more opportunities to attend storage auctions. But you may have too many responsibilities that prevent that during the weekdays.

  • Your 9-5 inflexible job won’t allow you to leave for long periods of time
  • Maybe you work long hours or unpredictable hours depending upon your employment
  • Need to assist your kids with their homework
  • Or take kids to sports practice, games, gym or dance
  • You may attend day or night classes
  • Business has you travel a lot during weekdays

Whatever the weekday situation you are a weekend auction hunter and that’s that. What if I told you there’s a way to participate in storage auctions even within the confines of your weekday life.

Introducing — Online Storage Auctions.

During your lunch break you can scout storage units online that are up for auction at or near your location. Find something that entices you; by all means place a bid.

At school, hit the library and crank up that laptop. Browse through each photo of the virtual storage units up for auction to see if any perks your interest.

You can steal away a few minutes of your weekday confines to place a bid on a hobby you were once limited to enjoy only on weekends. Sunday — Saturday, all day, any day.



Beat the competition and win!

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