AllenHaff-boom-box-AH-3-LIVE-showAuction Hunters: Season 3: Bonus Episode, “LIVE.”

Welcome to the first ever LIVE Show of Auction Hunters. Four vaults up for auction. One hour to buy, sort, and sell items to a select group of buyers.

Every dollar the Haff-Ton team made would be matched for a donation to the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Time to go L-I-V-E!

vault-3-AH-3-LIVEVault 3

Music stand, guitar, safe, cooler, and boxes. Duo won the locker for $5,000. No time to celebrate. On the clock.

Ton opened a box. Inside, KISS (rock band from the 1980s) dolls. Allen found vintage board games.

Allen pulled a work table from the vault. He felt the pressure.

50 Minutes

Host updated Allen and Ton on time. More stress. Both continued to dig and sort.

Allen found a vintage amplifier, vintage toys, and more vintage toys. Three Stooges, Batman, James Bond, and Lex Luther. All in their original boxes. All in good condition.

Ton found cigars. No time for a smoke, big boy.

42 Minutes

Allen grabbed a long, metal case. Inside, a vintage steel guitar. electric-guitar-AH-3-LIVEHaff-Ton team took the guitar and the amplifier to show the buyers.

Jerry, a percussion/strings/brass expert, displayed interest. The guitar was made in the 1930’s. It was one of the first successful electric guitar models. Body constructed of aluminum.

In mint condition guitar would be worth $4,000. However, this steel guitar was in fair condition. Jerry bought the guitar and amplifier for $2,250.

37 Minutes

Ton found silver platters and fake designer purses.

Allen pulled French Provincial furniture out from the vault. Unfortunately, it was mid-centABA-jersey-photo-DR-J-AH-3-LIVEury, not 1800’s.

Haff-Ton team retrieved a framed ABA basketball jersey out of a box. Along with a signed photo by Dr. J.

Duo took it over to buyer Matt Federgreen, a sports collectibles expert. He told them it was not an original jersey. The logos were ironed on, not stitched on. It was an authentic autographed picture, though.

Matt bought the jersey and photo for $150.boom-box-AH-3-LIVE

Back to dig.

Allen found a vintage boom box. Sold for $300, IF Allen would dance.
Hmm… Dancing with the Auction Hunters. There’s a new show concept!

24 Minutes

Ton found a fake Rolex. Allen threw couch cushions out of the vault.

Duo unpacked several boxes of comic books.

The guys still needed to make $2,300 to pay for the vault.

Time to open up the safe.
Fingers crossed…

It was an antique office safe from the 1920’s. One of the buyers might bantique-safe-AH-3-LIVEe interested.

16 Minutes

Andrew, an antique furniture expert, stated the safe was extremely rare. He’d only seen one other like it. He bought it for $1,000.

13 Minutes

Haff-Ton team went through the comics again. Maybe they overlooked something of value.

Duo was still $1,300 in the hole.

The guys took the last two items out of the unit. A table from the 1950s and a 1900s camel back trunk.

3 Minutes

Duo opened the trunk. Old military photos, mess kit, bayonets, bugle, and knives.

Allen found something packed in bubble wrap. It was an antique wheellock gun. Dated back to 1600’s. Made with horn inlay.

Duo quickly took the gun to Blaze, their favorite gun expert. wheellock-gun-AH-3-LIVEAntique wheelock gun was extremely rare, original, not a reproduction piece.

Haff-Ton did not have much time left to negotiate a deal. Blaze caved and bought the antique gun for $7,500.

There was less than a minute on the clock. Allen offered to sell all the toys to anyone willing to pay $1,000. Sold.

Time’s Up

Allen and Ton can now exhale.

Auction Total:

Paid $5,000
Sold: $12,200
Profit: $7,200

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