BarryWeiss-BrandiPassante-JarrodSchulz-SW45Storage Wars: Season 4, Episode 5: “A Time to Kiln.”

The auction was held in San Jacinto, California. On the drive to the facility Jarrod revealed to Brandi that he’s already rented a space for their new store. Surprise! She was not happy. He envisioned the store filled with lots of good inventory.

Brandi: All I can see is an empty wallet.

Guest appearance on this episode made by Nabila Hannis. She talked a big game but went home with nothing to gain.

1st Storage Unit
Briefcase, suitcase, drum set, books, vinyl records, Singer sewing machine, old TV; everything but the kitchen sink. Darrell and Nabila fought for this locker.

Darrell’s new bid strategy was the “wink-a-dink.” Instead of raising his eyebrows to bid, he winked. He doesn’t have a catch phrase, so we’ll cut him a break. It worked. Darrell won the unit at $750.

However, the only antique worth appraising was a small Concert Roller Organ. Appraiser stated it dated back between 1875-1905. Gold leaf letters were still intact with a nice art nouveau design on the side of the machine. He cranked the machine and it worked. Downside, it’s a less expensive model. Valued at $400-$450.

2nd Storage Unit
One of two sister units (default owner rented two units, but each auctioned separately). Two kiln machines caught everyone’s eye.

Kiln machine hardens, burns, or dries substances such as grain, meal, and clay. It’s used to fire and bake ceramics. Locker also contained about 1000 slip cast molds for masks, coffee cups, spoons, dolls… you name it.

Nabila thought to imitate Darrell’s wink-a-dink bid technique. Didn’t work. Barry won the unit at $925.

3rd Storage Unit
Kiln as well as a grandfather clock. Locker was stacked to the ceiling with plastic containers and boxes packed so tightly, that Dan the auctioneer could not lift the door all the way up.

Jarrod wanted inventory for his store. He won at $2,400. What did they find in the boxes? Junk and more junk. Brandi was furious.

Jarrod: You better watch your tone.
Brandi: You better watch your spending.

No fear, Barry to the rescue. He offered to split his profits down the middle if they would haul his kilns and moldings back to their thrift store.


Appraisers came by and valued both of Barry’s kilns at $500. Older kiln models, but in very good condition. Jarrod’s single kiln was newer and valued at $800. But it was the slip cast molds that saved the day. At least 1000 molds valued at $5000! Appraisers thought it was cool that Jarrod, Brandi and Barry were willing to share the profits.

Barry placed his arm around Brandi.

Barry: Are we sharing… everything?
Brandi: Oh, my God. It’s not that kind of party, Barry.

Profit Scorecard:

Barry Weiss: $2,275
Jarrod Schulz: $1,100
Darrell Sheets: $1,066
Nabila Hannis: $0

Would you have bought the kiln storage units?

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