BarryWeiss-AsianCowboy-SW46Storage Wars: Season 4, Episode 6: “Like a Kung Pao Cowboy.”

Barry brought a new sidekick to the storage auction. An Asian Cowboy. Don’t ask, just go with it.

Guest appearance was made by the late Mark Bolelo.

Auction was held in Montebello, California.

Same storage facility in which Darrell scored $300,000 worth of paintings.

Darrell spread a rumor that the sister unit to his painting locker would be up for auction.

Seriously, the games people play.

1st Storage Unit
Full of mirrors and wall art. Tags on items read “Close out.” Everything looked new and the price tags were expensive; even for a close out. Barry’s Asian cowboy was really a restaurant store owner who needed supplies for his eatery.

While Jarrod and Brandi needed inventory for their new store, Jarrod whispered in Brandi’s ear to wait for the furniture units. Close out sales on wall art was just the tip of the store that went out of business.

Barry won this unit for $2,200. One item was peculiar. A type of weather meter. It had all the dials for temperature, humidity and such. It also had a rain collector and wind indicators.

Barry took his Asian friend (no longer dressed in western attire) to a Spanish weather station. Estefana, the weather person, stated the item was a high end home weather station. Appraised at $2,000.

Why did Barry go to a Spanish weather station? Estefana knew exactly what the item was for, but it also didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous. Oh, how Barry likes to flirt.

2nd Storage Unit
On the left side of the locker, boxes were labeled French fries. On the right side, boxes of exercise equipment. Mark thought to up the bid, but he accidentally won unit at $400. His scrunched face told it all – ouch!

To his favor the unit wasn’t a bust. Boxes had jewelry and more jewelry. Mark also found an entire piercing kit with medical supplies, instruments and jewelry for piercing. Appraised at $900.

What happened next was a blitzkrieg of bids by Jarrod and Brandi.

Unit 3 – Jarrod wins at $1,400.
Unit 4 – Brandi wins at $1,200.
Unit 5 – Jarrod wins at $3,600.
Unit 6 – Brandi wins at $5,250.

All new furniture, perfect for their new store.

Profit Scorecard:

Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $14,450
Barry Weiss: $4,316
Mark Bolelo: $1,560
Darrell Sheets: $0

Darrell, maybe at the next auction you should focus more on bidding than spreading rumors.

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