BarryWeiss-SW5Storage Wars: Season 1, Episode 5: “The Old Spanish Standoff.”

Jarrod anticipated antiques at the Riverside auction; a city rich with Spanish history. Dave anticipated commercial equipment. Darrell however lacked anticipation because he felt under the weather.

Barry: I see the other guys. I’m not sure they know really what to make of me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be accepted into this mighty exclusive club. But I’m working on it.

Oh Barry, in seasons to come you would become the most popular cast member of all!

1storageunit-SW51st Storage Unit
CRAP! Tires, old electronics, rubber bands, boxes, scrap metal, and miscellaneous items.

Jarrod: It’s not what you can see. It’s what you can’t see.

True Jarrod, but sometimes what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Bid war Jarrod vs Barry. “The Collector” won at $600. Jarrod was pretty sure he could not go much higher because Brandi would smack him.

First box Barry took down was labeled, “Elvis.” He found a few collectibles. ,Moon-Shine-Kkit-SW5 Unique find was a copper moonshine still that looked complete. Appraiser stated moonshine had a pot still; thump keg (which was rare), and the copper wire that filtered the brew.

When Barry asked the appraisers what it was worth they said, “Ten years in the pen.” Barry’s jaw dropped. He told them he wasn’t planning on making moonshine. Phew! Moonshine valued between $800-$900.

2storageunit-SW52nd Storage Unit
Art and trash. Bedroom headboard, lamp, box, stop sign, blankets, and a mannequin with the telephone. Darrell could “smell” Dave standing behind him. He spoke loudly to say that he would pay $100 for the locker. His strategy was to keep the price down.

Dave: You know I might buy this room, just to piss Darrell off.Telephone-on-Mannequin-SW5

Well that didn’t happen because Darrell won the locker for $250. Dave snooped around to take a peek at that mannequin telephone. Darrell told Dave it was a promotional telephone valued at $2000. This mannequin was in worse condition than the one he had recently sold. Dave, who boasted he knew everything about anything, didn’t know about this.

At appraisal of the telephone was made in 1979. Expert offered $1000, but “The Gambler” knew better. He would not sell the mannequin for less than $2000. Sold on the spot, but we never did learn the true value of the item.

3storageunit-SW53rd Storage Unit
Couple dozen 5 gallon paint cans, tools, leaf blower, and construction equipment. Jarrod and Brandi agreed at $700, but Dave won the locker for $650.

Jarrod couldn’t remember the limit which threw him off. Brandi “fake punched” her man in the gut for not buying the locker.


4storageunit-SW54th Storage Unit
Janitorial or cleaning equipment and office items. Darrell felt sick. He stayed in the truck and sent his son Brandon bid on the locker. Jarrod considered the merchandise not proper for a thrift store.

Brandi: Jarrod’s right. Did I just say that?

Brandon overheard Dave speak Spanish on his cell phone directing his guys to bring the trucks. Dave was unaware that Brandon could speak Spanish, too. Brandon decided to text Darrell since Dave had a great interest in the locker. Darrell placed a bid to inspect the locker, but then decided to let Dave have it.

Steve, Dave’s adviser, told him they would not make any money on the janitorial locker because the quality of the merchandise wasn’t up to par.

1. Dave and Darrell both entered into another player’s storage unit, which really isn’t done anymore.
2. The 3 items for appraisal still not structured into the series.
3. The structure of 3 storage units for auction still not in play.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $1,750
Barry Weiss: $400
Dave Hester: LOSS -$400
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $0

Would you have passed on the mannequin telephone?

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