BarryWeiss-with-AssistantPAStorage Wars: Season 4, Episode 4: “The PA Stays in the Picture.”

At any given storage auction one player may strike a huge payoff while others swing and miss. Then there are times when everyone loses.

Auction was held in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Guest appearance was made by the late Mark Balelo.

It’s a rainy day and Barry’s late. Everyone filed into the storage facility. Barry however hovered over the crafts table (service table of snacks set up on location for cast and crew).

He’s in a mood because he’s late. He’s hungry. He grabs a snack then kidnaps the PA (production assistant) Adam to be his new sidekick. Oh, why not.

1st Storage Unit
Bedroom set, refrigerator; and what Jarrod called a “funk-defied” sofa (beat-up). PA, being much taller than Barry, was able to describe what was in the room.

Jarrod promised Brandi to be frugal with money today. Yeah, don’t hold him to that Brandi. Jarrod won the unit at $1,000.

Brandi: Apparently Jarrod’s definition of frugal is over spending on the first locker he sees.

Only unique item was a sprucing kit. Jarrod and Brandi took kit to a bonsai nursery to have it appraised. Alas, all inexpensive tools. Worth only $50.

2nd Storage Unit
Few open boxes with camera and film equipment, old television, and an old cash register. Old = outdated. Not antiques. Barry wanted the unit and thought the best way to win was to disguise PA Adam.

Barry coiffed Adam’s hair. Oh, good Lord! Adam looked like Cousin Itt! Very tall, dark-haired, Cousin Itt. Did the disguise work? Barry won the unit at $600. Can’t say it didn’t work.

But that wasn’t the end of the PA’s participation in this episode. Barry took PA Adam with him to get the cameras appraised. Experts at Pro 8mm Shops stated they did have one high end 8mm camera and some low end cameras in the box. Entire lot valued only around $500.

3rd Storage Unit
Commercial printing and advertising equipment. Mark pegged this unit as his and Jarrod would make him pay. For some reason, before the auction, Mark made many snide remarks at Jarrod. Bad move to piss off the Young Gun.

Mark vs. Jarrod. $1000 bid after $1000 bid increments. In the end Mark won, but Jarrod never had the intention of victory. How much did Mark pay? A whopping $2,700. But when Mark had the machine appraised, he discovered it needed an entire overhaul.

Profit Scorecard:

Barry Weiss: $50
Darrell Sheets: 0
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: loss of -$230
Mark Bolelo: LOSS -$1,450

What did Barry and his sidekick PA Adam do with the 8mm film cameras? They made a short film, of course. An artsy, non-talking film starring Barry, PA Adam, Dan, Laura and a dwarf. Something tells me an Academy Award isn’t in their future.

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