Storage Wars: Canada: Season 1, Episode 7: “Wanna Smell My Hair?”

Roy may not have been himself last episode, but this time, he completely morphed into something else entirely: Fake hair, false teeth, and sunglasses?

Meet ‘Cousin Ray’. This got weird.

Paul felt the auction location (Scarborough) was fairly foolproof, so he put Bogart in charge. He hoped Bogie wouldn’t crash and burn.

Cindy confessed she loved the big units. Rick understood this was why she loved him. They both were ready to make some money this go around.

Ursula showed up in her husband’s vintage Corvette on the prowl for some high-end items. Paul was more than a little envious of the car.

Everyone was thrown by Cousin Ray. Would Roy’s ‘Confuse and Disrupt’ plan actually work?

1storageunit-SWCA1-71st Storage Unit

Household items. Nice but nothing mind blowing.

Roy and Bogart seemed to be the only interested parties. They went head to head with Bogart grabbing it for $1,100!  Whoa. Paul looked deeply concerned.

Roy: Not even Ray is crazy enough to spend that much on this locker.

Paul told Bogart they should go check out their purchase pronto. They dug around to find a beekeeper’s outfit and  utensils.

Paul: This outfit could be the difference between us winning or getting stung.

They took the outfit and tools to Paul’s friend, Melanie. Who apparently may have been stung one too many times in the head herself. She let them know the starter beekeeper kit was worth about $300.1storageunit-BEEKEEPC-SWCA1-7

She then invited Paul and Bogart to wear a ‘bee beard’, which is a beard of bees. Yes, a beard of bees. Maybe there was something in the water this week?

Paul and Bogart ran off (literally), when Melanie’s back was turned. She yelled after them they had forgotten their starter kit!

Paul: (yelling back) Keep it!!

2storageunit-SWCA1-72nd Storage Unit

More household items. But even less interesting. And lots of baby stuff. No one was blown away.

Except Roy. He went into ‘full Ray mode”.  And people were scared. Or is that confused? Regardless, he grabbed the unit for $450.

Roy/Ray: Yee-haw! I nailed it!

Rick: Yeah, you totally nailed that locker full of junk.

Meanwhile, Roy was having an identity crisis and went to see what kind of trouble Ray had gotten him into. (Yes, he’s talking about himself. Confused yet?)

Roy: Ray is not the brightest guy sometimes.

But Ray didn’t completely mess up. Roy realized quickly he had enough stuff to break even. Once he dug in, he found a strange musical instrument that had potential.

Roy: This better be worth something, or Ray is gonna get it.

The musical instrument ended up being a Theremin, one of the first electronic musical devices. Roy’s musician friend told him a Theremin does not depreciate in value, and Roy could get about $400 for it.2storageunit-THEREMIN-SWCA1-7

Not quite the profit Roy hoped for, but at least Ray didn’t put Roy in the red.

3storageunitD-SWCA1-73rd Storage Unit

Packed to the gills. Mystery boxes, a couple of bronze statues, and a few nice furniture pieces. This looked good, but was tough to dissect exactly what was in it.

Roy smelled money.  So did Rick and Cindy.

Cindy ended up nabbing it from crazy ‘Cousin Ray’ for $950

Rick and Cindy packed up their truck and took everything to their store to look through. Once they unloaded, the money racked up quickly.  Vases, silver pieces, and hair salon items put them waaaaay into the black.3storageunit-STUFF-SWCA1-7

Rick: THIS… was a major score.

While Rick and Cindy counted their money, Ursula went home emptied handed.

Ursula: But at least I’m going in style.

She jumped into her hubby’s Corvette and drove off into the sunset.

And apparently, Roy left Cousin Ray in the storage unit to be brought out at a future date.


Cindy Hayden & Rick Coffill: $4,875
Roy Dirnbeck: $620
Paul & Bogart Kenny:  $25
Ursula Stolf: $0

Roy used a disguise to confuse the competition. Have you ever disguised yourself for any secret operation you needed to carry out?

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