Victor-Kenny-SWTX-3-23Storage Wars: Texas: Season 3, Episode23: “When Vic Comes to Shove.”

No words to describe how this auction began, well, other than UGLY! Ricky and Jenny arrived with plans to buy. Kenny arrived with plans to buy it all.

Victor arrived with Sonny and they dressed like twins. Or like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, as Jenny put it.

Victory stated that Sonny would be “silent and deadly.” Kenny’s retort was that “Sonny wasn’t gonna be sh–!” Sonny quipped, “Your mother.”

Then things got U-G-L-Y!

That set off Kenny like a school yard bully. Victor shielded Sonny from Kenny. Now keep in mind that Sonny has a slight learning disability. What type of a small-minded fool would go after a kid?

Kenny Stowe.

Once Kenny pointed at Victor’s chest, that’s when Victor SHOVED Stowe. For those of you who are unaware, to push someone like that is considered “assault” by law. Kenny tried to “bully” Victor into action, but Victor remained cool and collected. What did that East Texan do? Went to his van to retrieve a small mini-bat, the kind you get as souvenirs at baseball games.

Kenny used the head of the bat and shoved it into Victor’s arm. Kenny then began to swing the bat at Victor. For those of you who are unaware, when the threat to bodily harm is present, that is considered “assault and battery” by law.

Walt stepped in and had Kenny place the bat back in the van. Kenny should have been DISQUALIFIED from the entire auction.

If you have had enough of Kenny Stowe’s mouth and presence on the show, raise your hand. Thought so…

1storageunit-SWTX3-231st Storage Unit
Old furniture, tools, suitcases, and more bags. Kenny won at $300. He found Cash-Counting-Machine-SWTX3-23clothes, antique sewing machine, jewelry, two Tens units, and a cash counting machine.

An appraiser stated it was not a current machine and only counted American dollars. It also could not detect counterfeit money. Valued at $750.


2storageunit-SWTX3-232nd Storage Unit
Chest, metal shelf, head board, ton of boxes, and a heap of mess. Ricky won at $325. Riot-Bunker-SWTX3-23

Bubba was at another auction, so Ricky had to dig through the locker all by himself. He found not one but two headboards.

Desk, dresser mirror, chest of drawer, and a police riot ballistic protector – “Swat Bunker.” Had the bullet proof window and light in front. Valued at $1,300.

3storageunit-SWTX3-233rd Storage Unit
Shelves, antique sewing machine, trunk, antique headboard, fishing gear, and lots of rubber tubs. Jenny won at $1,200.

Jenny: I just won the best locker of the day.Pocket-Mini-Bike-SWTX3-23

She found a smoker, folding table, about 100 books on the shelves, rubber tubs full of books, end tables, buffet table, and a cool pocket mini-bike. It’s not gas-powered, but the bike did work. Valued at $350.

Profit Scorecard:

Ricky Smith: $2,200
Kenny Stowe: $1,095
Jenny Grumbles: $945
Victory & Sonny: $0

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