BubbaSmith-RickySmith-SkeetShoot-SWTX-3-7Storage Wars: Texas: Season 3, Episode 7: “Stowe-Age Wars.”

Rainy day did not faze Walt for as an auctioneer he would make money just the same. Let it rain money. Let it rain money. Let it rain money. Victor needed to buy smaller units with higher quality.

Ricky and Bubba were looking for big lockers that they could “turn and burn” as they needed to make a down payment to expand their business. Mary didn’t have cash to burn, instead she asked Jenny to spot her money. She was broke. Jenny a bit irked because the point of the partnership was to pool money together.

Then there was the new player. Kenny Stowe (aka Santa Claus) without a giving nature.

Bubba: He claims to turn trash into cash but in reality, it’s the other way around.

1room-SWTX3-71st Unit
French provincial desk, pair of theater seats, a mirror, leather couch, few boxes, and miscellaneous items. Jenny and Mary won at $400.

Mary: You know what? It’s pretty nice having a Sugar Mama.

Jenny found a duster and proceeded to dust Mary; that freaked her out. Who Russian-Poster-SWTX3-7knows where that duster has been! Outside of the obvious they did find a vintage poster printed back in 1973.

It was a propaganda poster for the Russian election. Translation – “We voted for the future of our Motherland.” Poster valued at $250.

2storageunit-SWTX3-72nd Unit
Large room but sparse.

Mattresses, furniture, fan, weed-eater, boxes, and quite a bit of household items.

It was lackluster and guess who won?

Kenny at $250.

Kenny won more storage units:

  • 3rd Unit: $150
  • 4th Unit: $300Furniture-Grinder-SWTX3-7
  • 5th Unit: $850 (Bubba bid up the price and then dropped the storage unit on Kenny)

Seriously not going to get into all of the items that Kenny found in his four lockers; however he did discover a mini lathe. Machine used to mold wooden legs for sofas, tables or chairs. Valued at $375.

6storageunit-SWTX3-76th Unit
Small bench, a grinder, tuft chairs, toolboxes, lots of boxes, and miscellaneous items. Ricky and Bubba won at $1,500.

As they enter their storage unit they immediately saw a 5 ton air conditioner. As they continue to dig they found a heater, a gas powered edger, three cell phones, workout equipment, high standing toolbox with tools, and something hidden under camouflage. Skeet throwers!Skeet-Shooter-SWTX3-7

They also found shotgun shells, 17 rubber tubs full of clay targets, and a kiln to make the clay targets. Bubba one happy camper who kept repeating, “Skeet. Skeet. Skeet.”

Ricky: Sometimes I don’t know about that boy. Sometimes he just ain’t right.

The duo took their four skeet throwers for appraisal. Lincoln brand high-quality. Condition like new and the thrower worked without a hitch. Valued at $500 apiece.

Profit Scorecard:
Ricky & Bubba Smith: $4,990
Kenny Stowe: $1,920
Jenny Grumbles and Mary Padian: $350
Victor Rjesnjansky: $0

Kenny bought four storage units but it was Ricky and Bubba with one unit that hit the mark!

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