DarrellSheets-black-powder-SW5-2Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 2: “The Hills Have Buys.”

Ivy ranted about his hatred of mattresses. Umm…okay? Darrell decided it was time Brandon became a better buyer. Rene was concerned for his reputation and determined to beat Jarrod.

Jarrod had bigger worries on his mind as he and Brandi decided to bid conservatively to make some money for their failing store.

1st-storage-unit-SW-5-21st Storage Unit

There were tools, lights, dishes, an old car part and lots of boxes. Brandon didn’t think it looked like a promising unit, but Darrell felt confident and went for it.

Darrell: Today Brandon’s learning from the master!

Rene and Ivy both bid on the unit as well, but Darrell won it for $1,250. He and Brandon dug through the unit and found an old spittoon. Ew!

Jackpot! They found two Rolex watches!black-powder-SW-5-2

Darrell found a black powder gun which they took to Jason, a gun expert. The gun was made in Germany. Good news, it was in decent condition. Bad news, it was a replica valued only at about $100. What do father and sons do with guns? Go to a firing range.

Darrell and Brandon made a friendly little bet on who could shoot the target. Brandon shot the target right in the heart, while Darrel shot the ceiling. Guess who bought who lunch?

2nd-storage-unit-SW-5-22nd Storage Unit

Suitcases, an old bike, a stove, skate board, bed and stroller. Packed and stacked. Jarrod, Ivy and Rene all bid on the unit; but it was Ivy who won at $500.

He found an old water heater, a coke sign, and his favorite – a mattress!

Ivy: Unfortunately in this business you can’t get stuff without getting mattresses.

Seriously dude, that’s a lot of mattress-hate.bat-box-SW-5-2

He found a marble topped dresser, fishing nets, golf clubs, and a bat house. Wait… what?

It was a wooden box with ‘Bat Conservation’ written across it. Ivy took the “bat cave” to Cindy Myers, an expert in bat rehabilitation.

She explained it was a five-chamber bat house that could fit up to 500 bats! Ivy was disappointed to learn it was valued only at $100.

3rd-storage-unit-SW-5-23rd Storage Unit

Sporting goods, a hideaway bed, snow boots, a couch, boxes, and plastic containers.

Jarrod and Brandi wanted it. Rene determined to take it. Jarrod and Brandi had set a $500 cap. Rene rose the bid to $750. Oh, well.

Rene and Casey sorted through lots of clothes and bed sheets. The couple were gleeful when they founstiga-sled--lib-tech-SW-5-2d a box marked “fragile.” Tupperware. Talk about false advertising!

The couple did find a heavy-duty hiking backpack and survival kit. Rene had creepy-fun when he found an axe in the unit.

Rene: Here’s Johnny!

They found a Lib Tech snowboard and Stiga snow sled. They took the items up to the slopes to be appraised. Both disappointed to learn the items were worth around $100. At least Rene got to have some fun on the sled downhill! It was like watching a grown man ride a tricycle. Next time, Casey should give it a go!

It was $100 appraisal items day for everyone.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $3,230
Ivy Calvin: $440
Rene Nezhoda & Casey Nezhoda: $300
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $0

Do you think Jarrod and Brandi were smart to play it conservatively?

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