JarrodSchulz-SW-5-1Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 1: “Flight of the Gambler.”

Jarrod did a little beard maintenance while an impatience Brandi waited to leave for the auction in Montebello. Ivy announced he needed tools. He was going to bid on any units with tools. Seriously, there’s got to be an easier way to get hold of some tools, man.

Rene counted his chickens before they hatched. He had hired a truck and mover. Darrell proclaimed himself, “King of Montebello.” All hail the king!

1st-storage-unit-SW-5-11st Storage Unit

Chairs, tables, mattresses, bags of shocks, and a bed. Definitely a household unit, though how the creepy red mask came about wasn’t clear.

Jarrod jumped into ring to buy but Ivy threw all the other bidders for a loop when he won locker for $237.50.

He found matching chairs and table, scrap wood, an old computer, and blankets. Lots and lots of blankets. One blanketice-skating-harness-SW-5-1 even had butterflies and flowers.

Ivy: If you can’t buy what you like, buy what you love, and I love butterflies.

He then found some very odd looking equipment. He was clueless, but once he found a pair of ice skates, he imagined it was sports training equipment. He took the pole to an ice skating expert named Brianna.

Brianna stated it was a harness to help teach kids how to jump on the ice and not fall. She demonstrated the pole/harness with one of her students. Valued it at $1,200.

2nd-storage unit-SW-5-12nd Storage Unit

Stove, dishwasher, DVD player, fridge, grandfather clock and plastic containers.  Darrell and Rene both wanted this unit.  Darrell distracted by poking at Rene he lost the locker to Jarrod who bought it for $3,700.

Jarrod exploded into a spending spree.

He bought the next storage units without blinking an eye.

3rd Unit – $450
4th Unit – $425
5th Unit – $350

Brandi didn’t like the looks of the units and wasn’t happy. Jarrod assured her they needed more stuff to sell at the Long Beach store.

Jarrod: You can’t win if you don’t play.
Brandi: Don’t start giving me the, “More you know” after-school special line.

Brandi paid a visit to the new store later that day. She discovered it was fully stocked and not a single customer in sight.

After a heart-to-heart with Jarrod, he finally admitted the store had been losing money since it opened. He said he kept it from her so only one of them would lose sleep at night. Aw, sweet.

6th-storage-unit-SW-5-16th Storage Unit

Industrial equipment, compressor, drill press, commercial tools, sawdust collector, refrigerator, electric keyboard, and a bed.

Darrell and Rene went head-to-head, but Rene finally dropped out. Darrell won the locker for $1,600.

Darrell: I can’t decide what makes me happier. Winning an awesome locker, or shutting Rene down.

Darrell and Brandon went through the unit. They found a commercial table saw and a sander.

It went from tools to toys when they found a huge R.C. airplane.  They took it to an RC-airplane-SW-5-1expert to have it valued. Like new, never used, worth around $2,000.

The expert tested the plane. It flew beautifully until around mid-flight Brandon took controls. Crash landing! That’s a $2K s-p-l-a-t. Oops! Next time, let the professionals fly.

Profit Scorecard:

Ivy Calvin: $1,132.50
Darrell Sheets: $650
ReneNezhoda & Casey Nezhoda: LOSS -$300
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: LOSS -$3750

What do you think Jarrod and Brandi should do about the store?

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