Auction Hunters: Allen Drove Over Water

Auction Hunters: Season 3, Episode 2: “Ton’s Driller Instinct.” Haff-Ton drove to Wasilla, Alaska.  Small town origins supply stop for gold miners and fur trappers. Allen and Ton expected to find mining equipment to historical pieces. Fact: 2008 Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2002. The crowd at the auction was…

Auction Hunters: Trapped in Alaska

Auction Hunters: Season 3, Episode 1: “Cold Hard Cash.” The Haff-Ton team arrived in Anchorage, Alaska. The show would have us believe they drove from California to Alaska; but I’m not buying it. Fact: Anchorage, Alaska is 3,401 miles from Los Angeles, California. Duo atteneded a Conex container (as big as 38 feet long) auction….

Auction Hunters: 1 Hour LIVE Show

Auction Hunters: Season 3: Bonus Episode, “LIVE.” Welcome to the first ever LIVE Show of Auction Hunters. Four vaults up for auction. One hour to buy, sort, and sell items to a select group of buyers. Every dollar the Haff-Ton team made would be matched for a donation to the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan….

How to Move Merchandise from Storage Auctions

Before you purchase a storage unit at auction, you should examine the contents and ask yourself, “How am I going to move this?” Most storage facilities and auctioneers require the contents of the unit to be moved out within 48 hours of purchase. Some storage units contain heavy items like furniture, appliances, & large boxes….

Storage Wars: Texas: Shock Me!

Storage Wars: Texas: Season 1, Episode 7: “Home on the Strange.” Bubba and Ricky profited on resale of woman’s merchandise out of their warehouse in Lampass, Texas. Instead of tools or man cave items; uncle and nephew game plane to take a closer look at lockers with items that appeal to women. Victor’s game plant…